Off Site Data Storage

For Total Recoverability

Can you totally recover?

Off Site Data Storage [For Total Recoverability]

Nationwide Coverage

Enterprise Solutions

Consistent service options coast to coast.

Nationwide Coverage [Enterprise Solutions]

Secure Vaults

For Peace of Mind

Quality state of the art facilities.

Secure Vaults [For Peace of Mind]

Data Destruction

Secure. Final.

Out of date media information is a huge liability.

Data Destruction [Secure. Final.]


For Data Transportation

Bridging the gap between your liability and ours.

Technology [For Data Transportation]

The future of your company depends on the safety and security of your back-ups. In the event of a catastrophe, have you considered the effects of not being able to access your company’s most critical data? Quality of services, facilities, and experience are paramount to making the right choice.

Vital Media Security, founded in 1987, provides information management security solutions; including secure data storage, escrow services, and IT audit tools, such as SOX compliant asset management software. Vital Media Security is based in Dallas, TX, and provides services nationally.

Our flexibility and customizable services provide our clients the freedom to focus on things other than data security.
Secured asset protection is about integrity, trust, and character, and these 3 simple things are the secret ingredients that makes Vital Media Security so trusted.

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