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Vital Media Security, a privately held Texas corporation, was founded in 1987, with the vision of providing superior level off-site data security to an industry dominated by mixed use providers with sub-par levels of service. With the stringent audit requirements that have become common place in the IT industry, auditors and managers are looking for ways to protect their valuable data assets, and become more compliant. Unlike the giants in the industry, Vital Media Security, is making every effort possible to provide our clients and future clients with ways to meet the challenges of these often grueling audits. We are constantly making changes to our operations, product offerings, and services that make it easier for our clients to deal with and pass these audits. Some of these changes include:Richardson Data protection Fort Worth Disaster Recovery Planning

Vital Media Security, is and always will be a data only facility, specializing in data security and escrow management. Experience matters: Our senior management team of just 4 people has a combined tenure of over 90 years in data security alone. We were founded on the principle that the client is always right, and that it is not ok and not part of normal business to misplace, damage, lose or downplay the importance of our client’s most valuable asset. We invite you to experience the difference firsthand. We are the leader in off-site data security. Come and see why.


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