Off-Site VS Cloud

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Vital Media Security’s Electronic Vaulting, powered by Asigra technology, provides automated backup and offsite data protection. Our e-vaulting is a cloud-based data storage system, meaning the architecture includes a local master control server and several offsite storage servers. VMS Electronic Vaulting not only eliminates the need for tapes, it eliminates the need for the manual backup process as well.

Another important aspect of the VMS solution is that it does not require the installation of additional software programs (agents) to collect data. It’s this agentless design that minimizes cost to you.

Your data is encrypted and only you hold the encryption keys. Settings allow you to schedule transmission, throttle bandwidth, establish your corporate retention policies and establish a budget.

VMS Electronic Vaulting is compatible with most operating systems and server platforms, giving you the convenience you need. It is a preferred solution for your central data center, remote servers and laptop users. Live backups of MS SQL Versions 7.0 and above as well as MS Exchange servers are supported. File restores are performed online and full disaster recovery is made possible by Baremetal Restore capability. With local storage capability, a copy of the most recent generation remains onsite for faster recovery.

The Vital Media Security’s Electronic Vaulting system is housed in a secure Data Vault, which includes Firelock vaults for added safety. Our system is designed from the ground up with Fault Tolerance in mind. Offsite mirrored servers act as fail over systems for disaster contingency.